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Interaction is key in the world of blogging…

February 6, 2010

Here are my comments on the blogs of other students in Nixon’s PR Writing 3330 class. These students blogs can be found on Barbara Nixon’s blog Public Relations Matters.

#1 Written on Caroline Rawlins’s blog about “Smoke Out for Lung Cancer”

Hey Caroline! I think that Alpha Delta Pi’s philanthropy is great! You will defiantly see me at the Smoke Out for Lung Cancer barbeque! Where could students who don’t know any ADPi’s buy tickets? And Is the American Cancer Fund one of your chapter’s national or local philanthropies? Also thanks for mentioning Kappa Delta’s War of the Wings! It is important that as Greeks we all support each other’s philanthropies in order to raise awareness and funds. And you’re right if we all work together we can change the image of Greek Life as a whole! Good luck doing PR for Panhellenic, you are doing a great job! I’m sure this class is giving you a lot of new ideas!

# 2 Written on Lindsay Addison’s blog about “FACEBOOK Mobile Now Bigger than TWITTER”

Lindsay this is a very interesting article! I can see why this has become such a big epidemic! Almost everyone has a Facebook and a cell phone (especially our generation) so linking them together was a genius marketing move. It’s crazy to think that “[i]ndividuals spend more than 55 minutes per day” on Facebook. That ends up being over 334 hours a year that an individual devotes to social interaction purely online. Twitter has defiantly became a competitor but Facebook I think will always hold a larger market with all of the special features they have.

P.S. Your blog is great! I love all the pictures and videos; the overall blog is very aesthetically appealing!


# 3 Written on Haley Barne’s blog about “Twitter thoughts”

Haley I love that you wrote, “Now I can stalk them on Twitter AND on Facebook.”  I definitely agree with you that Twitter can be another source for news. Looking at my news feed on Twitter I have already learned a lot that has been going on in the world along with how people really feel about the topics. I don’t know if you have already added news sites like CNN but they are constantly updating about the most current information. The re-tweet button helps in the spread of news in a matter of seconds!

#4 Written on Carrie Abramson’s blog about “Tiger Woods and his publicity team”

It shows that no matter how much work a PR professional does the client still has to coraperate in the way were his/her actions match their own words. A lot of celebrities could avoid the negative press they receive if they actually just did what they said they were going to do. Just as you pointed out Carrie, Tiger is letting others run his life so he can “look good” to the media when he should be thinking about his emotions and the emotions of the people he hurt. I guess this is a good point to remember this emotional appeal if you ever are in charge of PR for any well known person!

#5 Written on Allie Harington’s blog about “Super Bowl Ads-Week 5″Hey Allie! I agree with you and think that the Doritos commercial was really funny. I thought it was cute how protective the little boy was over his mom and his Doritos. Did you know that this commercial was part of the Doritos contest? All of Doritos commercials were made by people who made and then submitted them. The ones aired were the chosen favorites and if the commercial ranked number one out of all the Super Bowl commercials then they would win $5 million. Last year’s commercials were also done through this contest and the men who submitted the Doritos commercial with the snow globe and snack machine won $1 million.

#6 Written on Carrie Abramson’s blog about “Reality Shows and PR ”

Bethenny Frankel has definitely found the perfect way to advertise her SkinnyGirl Margarita. And I love the fact that you went out and tried it this past week! It is crazy to me to think about how many subliminal messages that are out there that we never even pick up on. Almost every single TV show out there has product placements in it. It also makes me wonder how much money these companies pay to have their product on these shows. Being a reality star definitely has its perks for Bethenny Frankel; free advertising is an advantage! It would be interesting to do research on how many products are placed within each television series!

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