TOW 16: Top 10 List for Learning to Blog

April 26, 2010

  1. Be consistent: The more you blog the more beneficial it will be to you and to others. If there is not a constant stream of information coming from your blog than others will not want to read it (unless your blogging for a class and students are required to write on others blogs haha).
  2. Interact with others: Blogs are a great source of useful information! There are a lot of PR professionals that blog daily and that can give you tips for your blog.
  3. Tell the truth: your credibility is on the line. Always be truthful and make sure you credit and site people, books, websites, and others’ blogs that you take information from. Being honest with your readers allows them to trust your site and allows them to be honest in return.
  4. Use an APA style book: The Associated Press Stylebook is a great resource for any question you might have about “capitalization, abbreviation, spelling, numerals, and usage.” The book also has many other features that make it a Public Relations Students best friend.
  5. Check for spelling and grammar: Your writing should be casual but if there are errors your readers might consider your blog uncredible.
  6. Use hyperlinks and add picture and video: make your blog interactive. No one wants to look at a plain page with a bunch of words. Hyperlinking allows readers to see exactly what you are talking about and get connected to the rest of the public relations world.
  7. Think about who you are writing too: keep your audience in mind and be relatable.
  8. Allow for discussion: talk about current topics and ask your readers questions.
  9. Keep it simple: Don’t confuse your readers with jargon and vocabulary that they will not understand.
  10. Respect your audience: don’t use inappropriate language or obscenities— be professional with your word choices.

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