Chapter 15: Giving Speeches and Presentations

April 26, 2010


Ok so who loves giving speeches????

Yah I don’t know many people either who just love giving speeches either. So when reading this chapter I found the “basics of giving a speech” to be of great help. When you’re in the public relations field your speeches need to be as professional as possible and you need to be able to coach your clients on how to properly present their own speeches too!

So let’s begin to take a look at what Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (by Dennis L. Wilcox) says about giving a speech!

  • Giving a speech is all about the delivery!!!
  • Know your objective: your speech needs to accomplish something.
  • Structure your message for the audiences ears:

There is no chance to go back, no time to let it slowly digest, no opportunity for clarification. The message must get across now or never.”

  • Tailor all remarks to your audience: find out as much as you can about your audience beforehand. For example the following factors could change how you should present your message: age, occupation, gender, race, education background, vocabulary, group memberships, politics, religion, etc.
  • Give specifics:  the more specific you are about the details of your topic the more likely your audience will remember them. Generalizations get you nowhere.
  • Keep it timely and short: end of story!
  • Use gestures and eye contact to your advantage: this can make or break a speech. This helps to establish your creditability to your audience.— Do realize that nervousness fits into this category and is distracting to your audience.

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