TOW: Week 15

April 25, 2010

In his book, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, Wilcox  describes that a social media news release is an electronic news release “pioneered by the major distribution services, such as Business Wire, PR Newswire, and Marketwire, now make it possible to embed high-resolution photos/graphics, video, and audio components.”  Social Media News Releases are also termed Multimedia News Releases or Smart Media Releases.

So what makes a Social Media News Release superior to a plain news release? The appeal is much greater to journalists who focus on the online news sector. With cell phones, computers and PDAs on the rise, people have shifted to the internet to retrieve the latest news. Giving a journalist more information makes their job easier. If the SMNR is created in a proper format and the information is news worthy, than sending your information in a SMNR form versus a news release could make the difference between your “news” getting published or not. Bloggers also use SMNR as a source to publish current information. SMNRs are extremely useful only when created in the proper way. If links or tags are overused than the SMNR could harm the image of your company or client. With all the multi-media features on this news release it is also easy for the reader to get distracted, so be precise with your message because it is the most important part!

Here are three blogs that discuss the importance of SMNRs:

  1. Presitt: Open question to journalists: Standard press releases vs. SMNRs
  2.  PR-Squared: A Radical Suggestion for the Social Media Release
  3.  Mark Evans Tech: What Ever Happen to the Social Media Press Release

(picture taken from Presitt)


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