PR Within the Hotel Industry

April 25, 2010

For a recent assignment in my Hotel Operations class I was given the task of interviewing Convention Service Managers (CSMs) from hotels across the United States. The correlation between my Public Relations Minor and my Hotel and Restaurant Management Minor began to connect. In chapter 14 of our Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques book, I read about the use of email, memos, and proposals. With in a hotel especially convention hotels all three of those aspects are important.

At all of the hotels the CSMs are in charge of similar tasks that require long hours and precise decision making.  Overall each of the CSMs are handed over the events after the Sales Department had planned the overall specifics that were issued to the client in the proposal. Since all of these hotels have over 700 rooms there is always an event in-house and several in the planning process. To be a CSM you must be prepared to multitask and make split-second decisions that will impact large amounts of people. Overall the fast-pace process and smaller tasks like making BEOs, sending out memos, and dealing with clients through phone calls and emails before the event starts.

So hopefully from this quick preview you can see that having knowledge of the public relations field is helpful when working as a Convention Service Manger within a hotel.


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