The World Wide Web is the Limit…

April 24, 2010

I recently got a blackberry curve and I absolutely love it! I am now realizing how useful it is to have everything right there at your finger tips. Aaron Thacker wrote in his article, A smart take on smart phones, that “In 2007, Steve Jobs made a move to redefine Apple as the iPod company and created a device to change the way people perceived and used their cell phones.” Everyone wants the Iphone and applications are being made for any and everything you can think of. Blackberry has also done the same thing. While playing with my phone I realized that the world was practically at my fingertips now-Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, my blog, email, etc can all go with me anywhere my phone service works. With this technology advancement this can be a public relations best friend or worst nightmare. The ability for advancement of information within a matter of seconds has spread tremendously.


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