Do they really know how to get involved with social media?

April 20, 2010

You can learn a lot from reading other people’s blogs. I found it interesting to read a blog post called “It\’s About Why, Not How” on POP! PR Jots by Jeremy Pepper that talked about social media. In this blog post he mentioned some thought-provoking questions about relationships built via social media. Pepper posted, “We all know the how in social media. It’s this tool and that tool and this network and that network. But there is still the why – why are companies going to get involved in social media? Why is tool A or tool B the right tool for the job, and what do they hope to get out of it? What is the ROI / end goal for the company and “being part of the discussion” is really not enough …” (make sure to use the link above to read the rest of hid blog post~)

In our generation social media is everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc. are being included in almost every companies profile now but how they prove to use these options will over time show how effective their marketing and use of public relations really is. With the limitless possibilities that the World Wide Web now has available social media has the option to grow tremendously along with the option for the next “hot new thing” to be right around the corner.


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