Chapter 12: Tapping the Web and New Media

April 16, 2010
  1. New Media is characterized by:
  • Widespread broadband
  • Cheap/free, easy to use online publishing tools
  • New distribution channels
  • Mobile devices (3-G, camera phones, etc)
  • New Advertising paradigms

2. The World Wide Web is a key tool in the distribution process for public relations professionals.

Writing for the web differs though from writing for print. Here are some tips when publishing on the web:

  • Define and analysis what the purpose of your website, blog, or publication is
  • Design your site with your specific audience in mind
  • Constantly update your site
  • Do not overdue the graphics
  • Make sure your site is not boring and is interactive
  • Use feedback

3. Online writing tips from Shel Holtz, author of Public Relations on the Net

  • Write the way you talk
  • Limit each page to a single concept
  • Use lots of bullet point list
  • Make sure the context needed for readers to understand that page is provided
  • Limit the use of italics and boldface
  • Do not overuse hyperlinks within narrative text
  • Make sure hyperlinks are relevant
  • Provide feedback options for your readers

*This information has been taken from the sixth edition of Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques  by Dennis L. Wilcox.


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