TOW 12: PR Podcast- Coming Up PR

April 3, 2010

The podcast I chose to listen to was Coming Up PR. More specifically I listened to Episode 4 that was posted for students and up and comers in public relations field by Cheryl, Mary and Mike. The podcast opened with an intro and then a feedback session from past blogs. This is a great way to get people to stay connected with your podcast through having a blog that correlates with it. The podcasters then introduced their social media seminar, “Rock the Talk,” that they hosted for their corporate communication class along with their classmates Carmela Antolino and Michelle Gradini. The students centered the event around social media due to previously taking a course on that topic and decided to use that information for real life experience. The guest speakers for the seminar were from Justin Kozuch from Refresh Events and Corey Reid of FreshBooks. (Social media was used to help build the Refresh brand.)

Some interesting points that the broadcasting trio talked about was Wiffiti, Twitter, HoHoTO and how to use social media to further your real life pr relationships.  Wiffiti is a flash based application that the user puts their chosen Twitter hashtag into and the application will then displays tweets with that hashtag in a real time/ live stream way.  Wiffiti was more specially used at the “Rock the Talk” event to display tweets live and allow people to ask questions via Twitter.  

HoHoTO was a charity event that was mentioned on this podcast. This is event is one of the largest donors to food bank and is done twice a year. It related to social media because a lot of money raised and tickets sold was done by using Twitter.

Cheryl, Mary and Mike emphasized the importance of being active online and through twitter; Twitter is a “whole world missing that you don’t understand until you’re in it.” Talking about “Rock the Talk” made me wish I would have been at the event because the speakers talked about how to take online PR relationship to real life interaction through go to industry events and setting up informational interviews.  They mentioned the importance of letting your real personality show through online interactions and that social media should be approached organically.


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  1. I agree with the statement that Twitter can be a whole world that you are missing. So many times I get so busy with school or things in my every day life that I do not pay that much attention to the world around me, especially the news. Twitter can be a great source to discovering information of what is happening in the world today.

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