My Thanks to the Public Relations Personnel of the Army

March 28, 2010

To anyone who has ever had a loved one in the army you know that when you can’t contact them it is hard. My brother recently joined the Army Reserves which meant that he had to go to Army basic training. While the soldiers in training go through basic they get limited contact with anyone outside of their platoon. The sergeants at the fort my brother was located at created a Facebook group for the families and friends of the soldiers going through basic. The Facebook group stood as a support system for the families, a way for the sergeants to update, and a place for pictures to be posted of the soldiers training. Through this Facebook group my family found a link to MSNBC that had a picture of my brother. Through the Army’s public relations efforts we were able to get updated on my brother who we hadn’t spoken to since Feb. 1st. So I would like to thank those public relations professionals for the update:  Army training: Bayonets out, ‘ab blasters’ in; Five-mile runs also nixed in first changes to regimen in 30 years.


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