TOW: Week 11- Infographics

March 27, 2010

An infographic according to Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox is a “computer-generated artwork that attractively displays simple tables and charts.” Simple infographics can be created in Microsoft Office or for more compile designs you can use InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator (Adobe).

The client I have chosen for our class is Kappa Delta. More specifically I have chosen to focus on one of Kappa Delta’s national and local philanthropies, Prevent Child Abuse America. If I created an infographic for Kappa Delta I would more specifically choose to show an aspect of child abuse. According to the Prevent Child Abuse website there are three types of abuse: emotional abuse, neglect, and physical abuse. With all three types of abuse combined looking into the cost within the United States can be mind opening.  According to Ching-Tung Wang, Ph.D. and John Holton, Ph.D. in their publication Total Estimated Cost of Child Abuse and Neglect in the United States  the total direct cost of child abuse in 2007 was $33,101,302,133. That large sum can be broken down further into the following: Hospitalization $6,625,959,263; Mental Health Care System$1,080,706,049; Child Welfare Services System $25,361,329,051; Law Enforcement $33,307,770. Further information on the definition and specifics of these cost are further explained in their publication if you would like more information.

If more people understood the impact and cost of child abuse than I think that more people would assist in the prevention and detection of it. Unfortunately it is easy for people to be so caught up in their own worlds that it can be hard for them to even imagine that such violence could exist. The large sum of $33 billion dollars is hard to ignore when shown the facts and with an infographic I think more people would be compelled to look at the graphic versus having to read an article to see the information.



  1. This is a great and effective blog post! Before reading it I had no idea that there were three different types of abuse and that they all are equally as bad. I agree that there is not enough awareness of child abuse and that if there were than more people would be willing to help in preventing it. It is sad to think about innocent children that have no defense but the help that we can provide them with and empowering others about them. Kappa Delta is doing great things on campus and is a positive influence on younger girls wanting to get involved and make a difference.
    -Lauren Stevens

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