Chapter 8: Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

March 25, 2010

Photos and graphics can say just as much as the words in the story if captured or created in the proper context. I love photography so here are some hints and tips that I found helpful!

1. Composition of the photo is the most important aspect. Once your subjects are decided upon make sure you focus on the central part of your photo; you do not want extra background that does not add to the context of the photo. Background should be included if it helps to provide the context for the main subject of your photo. Make sure that your photograph does not look like it is for pure advertisement- think about the news value of the photo.

2. Interest can be achieved through the proper use of camera angles. Look for angles and aspects that photos are not normally taken from. Extreme close-ups, shooting upward, aerial shots, and using special lens all create a new view to the “normal” picture.

3. Use cropping and retouching to make the most of your photos. Editing should not change the picture its self but the quality of it. There are many ethical considerations when it comes to retouching photographs.  Susan Walton says you should ask yourself these three questions when deciding how to change a picture:

  • Does the image alter reality?
  • Does the image intend to deceive in any way?
  • Has anything in the image been manipulated to imply endorsement of, or agreement with, your organization’s views when that might not have been the photographer’s or subject’s intent?

*This information has been taken from the sixth edition of Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox.


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