TOW: Week 9 & 10

March 20, 2010

PR OpenMIC is an online is a “social network for PR students, faculty and practitioners worldwide.” Since this week was the first time I had ever looked at the PR OpenMIC website I found that there was a lot to learn about what this online networking site had to offer!

The first thing that I thought was neat about the PR OpenMIC is that there is the “Jobs/Interns Together” link. This part of the website connects you to the TwitJob Search which to be honest I didn’t even know Twitter had. Every week I feel like I am learning something new about Twitter and how much you can use it for the PR field! But the tab button for “Job/Intern” is a great source for recent grads because the job market is very tough right now and any lead to a job is helpful.

Another aspect of PR OpenMIC is the resources tab. Underneath the tab you will find a “PR News” link. As we are writing about PR connections for our PR writing class this is a great resource to see how the Public Relations field is constantly being used every day. I know that if I get a job in the PR field I will constantly have to be reading and updating myself on what is going on in the world and all the new technologies that are being created for PR use!

I also found the “Discussion Forums” to be of great help! Throughout these forums you will find that people have posted questions to be discussed along with interesting facts, advice, and recent news.

There are lots of other aspects and opportunities that the site offers so I would recommend that if you are in or pursuing the PR field to join this networking site! I could see this site becoming a lot bigger than it is in the upcoming years!



  1. Hi Anna,

    I also noticed the Intership/Job page on PRopenmic. I actually wrote about that page for my Topic of The Week as well. I wrote “One sector of the PROpenMic which I thought was especially helpful was the Internship/Job page . This page links students and graduates to many job postings and allows them to also post their resume on the site. The Internship/Job page also has links to major publication’s job listings, such as O’Dwyers or PRWeek’s job search pages.”
    I’m glad to see that we both found the intership/job page to be so helpful!

  2. […] are lobbying for a great cause like KFC.   20. Anna’s Blog – TOW Weeks 9 & 10   View Post   Hi Anna, I also noticed the Intership/Job page on PRopenmic. I actually wrote about that page […]

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