TOW: Week 8 -The NewsU The Lead Lab course

March 6, 2010

This past week for in my PR Writing Class we completed the News U The Lead Lab course. This course fully explored almost every aspect on  how to write a lead. After exploring the online lab we had an assignment where we got  to play reporter then wrote the lead from two different aspects. Like most assignments for our PR Writing class I learned a lot more than expected  and realized just how much help I needed in this area! Here are some of the basic ideas from The Lead Lab which I hope you too will learn from (please note that the following information has all been obtained from this course provided by Poynter News University). When writing a lead, there are two different types, a direct lead and a delayed lead.  The direct lead focuses on getting the news straight to the reader; the reader in this case wants the information in those first couple sentences. I personally feel like the more “on the go” and rushed our society becomes the less they want to read, therefore the lead is all you have as a journalist to get your information out there. The second type of lead, a delayed lead, gives information that tells you what the story is about but you have to read the rest of the story for more information. Direct leads can be either a summary or analysis while a delayed leads can be classified under anecdotal, significant detail, round-up, or emblem (go take the course if you want to find out more!!). What surprised me about this course is that so much goes into just the lead. But now that I think about it the lead is the first 5 seconds that the writer has to gain the attention of the reader. After taking this NewsU course I want to further learn and better analyze my future articles so they can be effective and newsworthy.


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