PR has Kate Gosselin a media star

March 2, 2010

It is crazy to think how a mother of 8 children can become a media star for being just that a mother. The original show Jon and Kate Plus Eight grew as the controversy around the family began. Some people promised they would never watch the show again after the divorce of Jon and Kate but all the talk only made the ex-couple more famous. Kate’s PR representatives have had to “work their tails off” to take the negative PR and spin Kate’s reputation into a more positive one. It was announced yesterday during The Bachelor that Kate Gosselin would an upcoming contestants on the hit show Dancing With The Stars. More information can be found on ABCNews website.



  1. I agree I think it’s crazy that Kate is on Dancing with the Stars. I’m not going to lie, I loved watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight mainly because Kate always seemed like the crazy and overbearing personality in the relationship. Then she and Jon divorced, and he was the one behaving badly and Kate was complaining to any and everyone that would listen about how irresponsible it was for Jon to leave the kids. Now Kate’s going to be gone part-time to film DWTS? Why is she still famous? If she actually wanted to focus on her children the way she is always professing in interviews then she should stay home with them, and stop courting all the cameras.

  2. Anna,
    Kate’s publicists are working quiet hard to recover her image after the terrible divorce with Jon. And although they are trying to put her into a more positive light by making her one of the “celebrities on Dancing with the Stars,” the question that arises to me is…Shouldn’t she be spending that time with the 8 children that she has? I mean think about it, they spent days and days practicing the routine and then they have the show to do, and right after that it is back to practice again. And the public says that Jon is the one who wants all the attention and is trying to be a celebrity, it obviously is both of them now. I believe she needs to go back to reality and focus on her kids or do something in the public that does not take away so much time from her kids because I can understand the only income she has is from premiering on shows in order to support her children. I can see how they are trying to put a positive spin on her life, but why not start a magazine explaining ways to save money, her life stories, and such things like that. Therefore, she could do that from her home and spend quality time with (what should be the most important thing in her life) her children.
    -Sarah Gricius

  3. I can’t believe that Kate so goin to be on Dancing with the Stars. I watched Jon and Kate Plus Eight and loved it. All my friends and I watched the show together and when they started fighting and the divorce came up it was crazy. They became different people and really looked like that forgot why they started the show. It all started so the kids could go to college one day. People change and money and fame make you change even faster. Great blog!

  4. It’s wierd how negative news about celebreties often turn around end eventually end up benefiting them isnt it? Another example is Erin Andrews who was also asked to be on Dancing with the Stars. She is a sideline broadcast reporter for ESPN, and was not that big of a celebrity until the controvercy occurred with the “peeping tom” guy filming her through through a hole in her hotel room. That negative event took her to another level and now she is more famous because of it and ended up on a show like Dancing with the Stars.

  5. Anna,
    I fell in love with Jon and Kate Plus Eight when it first aired. I watched the episodes over and over again. I even read the book she wrote. It is sad that their marriage is over and the media picked it apart for the world to scrutinize. In the book I remember her saying how they could never get divorced because know one else would understand what is was like parenting eight children. Prior to having the kids, Kate was an RN. She has said on numerous occasions that the reason she continues to put herself and the kids in the media spotlight is because she is the breadwinner of her family and going back to being an RN just wouldn’t pay the bills anymore.
    I know watch her on Dancing with the Stars and feel bad for her. I think she needs to take a step back and get away from the spotlight for awhile. I think she is a good mom, but in order for the media to leave the family alone they need to step back and try and focus on family.
    Sorry for my rant! Happy blogging

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  7. I agree that it is crazy to see Kate on Dancing with the Stars. When they filmed the show Jon and Kate Plus Eight, there were always so many people watching. I was one of them. Kate was such a strong person in the relationship to the point that it pushed Jon away. Going through a divorce with Jon and being on the show is probably a lot on all of the kids. She is now rarely home and all of the publicity on her is still positive. Even though she has been on the bottom for the past few weeks she is still hanging on. It was also announced that she now has two other things to come in the near future that are just going to make her greater shine and standout.

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  9. I have been watching Dancing with the Stars and I think that it Kate is hilarious on the show. Her dancing is horrible and everyone knows it but viewers have been keeping her on the show to continue watching her disastrous dance techniques. Occasionally I watched the TV show Jon and Kate Plus 8 and I thought that they were a cute family and I was happy for them and the success of their show. However, I got annoyed when the couple went through marital problems and you couldn’t turn the corner or flip the channel without hearing about Jon’s latest rendezvous or Kate’s latest break-down. I commend Kate for her (appearing) strength through the crisis. I can imagine how hard it must be to be in the middle of an adultery scandal and have the entire country in your business. I think that Kate is on Dancing with the Stars now to get her fans back in her corner and read her new book and watch her new reality show, Twisted Kate. I however do not think that this is the best idea. I think that Kate should calm down in the media light, take time with her kids, and let things cool over. She is trying to win her fans back yet by expressing how great of a mother she is yet she is on Dancing with the Stars and constantly away from home touring to promote her new book and TV show which she calls her “babies”. Kate! You have 8 “babies” at home to worry about!

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  11. I do not agree with Kate Goselin, but I have not been in her position. I am a firm believer that a mother needs to put her children first and foremost. And I cannot even imagine having 8 children and still doing all of the things that she is doing. I feel that she should start focusing less on her fame and the media and more on her children. It just seems very selfish to me, but like I said I have not been in her position. So I guess I can’t really speak until I have eight children.. Let’s hope not! haha

  12. I wonder how much they had to pay Dancing with the Stars to get her on there. I am not fond of Kate at all. I fee like she has taken the fame that she has gotten from having all those kids, and it has gone to her head. She really has no talent at all and she isn’t even that great or a person, and much less of a personality. Yeah, I guess the show will make her ‘look better’ but I feel many people will never really like her. I would hate to have to be her publicist- however, they are doing a great job at attempting to turn her image around. But then again, there is only so much one person can do!

  13. I use to looove watching Jon and Kate plus 8. Their kids are absolutely adorable, and I would tune in from time to time to see them grow. However, I have never been a fan of the parents. I found Kate to be very uptight and controlling. However, I do feel bad for her when people say she is a bad mother. I do not think that is the case at all. She loves her kids to death and is doing things like Dancing with the Stars and writing books in order to provide for her 8 children. She is also starting a new reality show called “A Twist of Kate.”
    I did watch her on Dancing with the Stars and she was ABSOLUTELY terrible, but it was obvious that she missed her kids and also found comfort in the fact that her kids loved seeing her dancing on TV. She said in an interview that they count down the days until Monday when the show airs.
    I am a little sick of seeing her in the media, but if I were a single mom trying to raise 8 kids while dealing with an ex-husband who is constantly trying to get full custody of the kids, I would be trying to make my own money too, and I would also be just as stressed and uptight as she is.

  14. I agree there is so much hype and attention that is focused on Kate Gosselin. I thought it was crazy that she was going to be on Dancing with the Stars. It amazed me that she could even find the time to learn a dance routine around the eight kids that she has. I stopped watching the show after the couple separated because the focus turned more on the couples’ problems instead of them actually raising their children together. I feel that all this publicity that the Kate and Jon receive now can’t be great for the children. Although Kate shows herself as confident and put together there seems to always be some type of problem between her and Jon.

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  16. I completely agree. It was nice when they were on Jon and Kate plus 8 and they were a happy family, showing the stuggles and the love their famliy shared. But now she is in the limelight for the scandal the divorce has caused. At one end of the spectrum I feel bad for Kate for having her the dirty laundry of eight children aired for everyone to see….thats alot of laundry. But at the same time I can’t help but think she enjoys it a little bit. From the new hair extensions to her being on Dancing with the Stars can have viewers guessing.

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