TOW Week 7: Tweeting on Twitter!

February 26, 2010




So let me first say that before this assignment I honestly never thought I would have a Twitter account and really could not see the value of creating one. My roommate has a Twitter account due to being in one of Nixon’s previous classes, and because of her love of Twitter, even tried to get me and our other roommate to generate a profile. So since it was an assignment I decided to try out the world of tweeting. 

Creating an account and profile was really simple and adding people to “follow’ takes only a matter of seconds. My first thoughts as I sent my first tweet out into the abyss was this: tweeting is only a glorified Facebook status (in which I can’t even type all the words I want to).  As I started to respond to PR professionals on Twitter and got some responses, my view started to change about Twitter.  I saw that this could be a great “in” after college.  These professionals aren’t just tweeting to tweet, there is a whole targeted audience and you can learn a lot from the links that people post. I ask several professionals about what advice they would give to a PR student and how Twitter could help. Here is some of the feedback I received: 

  1. jspepper @annagliss Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call – over-reliance on email and tech isn’t good for PR.”
  2. rachelakay @annagliss People are usually happy to help. Make sure to join conversations. Also, #prstudchat is happening now, and it’s a great resource.”
  3. ikepigott @annagliss – That, and learn to write. http://ike4.me/o3e
  4. http://occamsrazr.com/twitter/twitters-ten-rules/

I honestly thought I would not get back on Twitter after our “One Week of Twitter” but I have actually found value to keeping my account and using it in the future. I can see after only making a mild attempt to use Twitter how this could really help in gaining more knowledge about the PR field, how you can keep up to date with recent news, and how PR connections through Twitter could help in my future job hunt! So feel free to check out my Twitter (Anna\’s Twitter Page)as I attempt to continue on…


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