TOW: Week 6 -What makes a story newsworthy?

February 20, 2010

I think that this topic of the week could be discussed for hours on in. I believe that a newsworthy story is one that appeals to their target market in a way that grabs their attention. What makes a story “newsworthy” is more an opinion that is a strict definition but there are defiantly guidelines that can help. I think that the following attributes can assist in making a story newsworthy:

  • Deals with people’s emotions (is a touching story) or gives important or needed information (is significant)
  • Comes out in proper timing
  • Catches the interest of people
  • Stands out among events of similar proportion
  • Is deemed worthy of the journalist or news reporters time

In a sense, making a story newsworthy can even be catching the right person’s interest at exactly the right time. One news station might love your story while another one thinks it is pointless. In today’s society, I feel like making a story newsworthy is getting more complicated and people fight to be the top. People have to get more and more creative. Even if you’re event makes it into the media where is it going to be placed? In how many places will it appear? Did the journalist use the aspect on the story in the way that you wanted him/her to? Is the public responding in a predictable way? There are some many tiny parts that work to make a story not only newsworthy but effective within the target audience. As the media is ever changing Public Relations professionals must always be learning and willing to grow with the field. The news has progressively moving from a trend of purely informative releases to (in a sense, sly way) releasing advertising information. It is crazy to me to see how many of these news stories have been paid by from a firm to air.



  1. I agree that there are lots of things that make a story news worthy. First and foremost it must be timely and recent, but you must take into consideration who your audience is. Like you said some news stations might love your story while others do not. Think about what media outlets you are going to submit your work and who their target audience is. After that, you should make sure your story is interesting and/or entertaining. Human interest stories or storied that contain human placement are always good. This is a really great post! You hit on every idea I would have thought of, and mentioned some things such as the consideration of news station choice that I did not come up with off the top of my head.

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