TOW: Week 5

February 13, 2010

It’s hard for me to choose one commercial that was my favorite since not one particular ad stood out to me. I think that the Denny’s commercial was funny because the chickens popping up were random/ hilarious and I liked Tim Tebow’s Focus on the Family ad, but I will tell you that I was watching for the Doritos’ ads this year. This year four Doritos ads were aired. Instead of me attempting to describe them to you check them out at these links:

Doritos Underdog

Doritos Snack Attack Samurai

Doritos House Rules

Doritos Casket

 Not only do I think that the Doritos ads are always funny but the interesting part about their commercials is that they are consumer created.  In 2009, Doritos’ reputation was put at stake as their campaign goal was to gain the #1 spot for USA Today’s Super Bowl ad meter, which the effectively obtained.  For this year’s contest, the winnings were increased since last year’s winning commercial was such a success. The contest and this year’s winning entry’s can be found at: http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com/.  The public relations and marketing aspects behind their campaign is genius. Doritos received a Silver Anvil Award for their success.

Here is some information about their approach:

In order to efficiently and effectively produce their campaign Doritos created three approaches. For their first strategy Doritos had to let America know about the contest, rules, and the new prize of a million dollars pending the consumer created commercial winning the top spot for Super Bowl ads.  Doritos’s second approach was to execute “a two-prong media outreach approach.”  In order to receive television worthy ads, their campaign management had to target certain groups of individuals to make the ads. College newspapers, top film schools, and America’s largest universities became their target audience. The second part of this strategy included distribution of audio news releases, targeting reporters for broadcast, print, and online media, distributing created b-roll, sending out news releases, and holding a satellite media tour with finalist.  The last strategy was centered around “messaging and media opportunities for all potential result scenarios.” No matter what the outcome of this campaign, Doritos would get publicity after their Super Bowl commercial was aired, therefore they had to prepare for both internal and external communication.



  1. The Doritos advertisements were my second favorite, but for some reason the E*Trade baby commercials always crack me up. Good job doing research on Doritos’ strategies for a successful campaign, it is always interesting to see how much work and money is put into a 30 second commercial, not to mention all the effort it took to promote their contest!

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