Chapter 2

January 28, 2010

 I love how all the classes in my major flow together very nicely. In human communications we discussed the sender, message, receiver principle, cognitive dissonance, diffusion and adoption, the hierarchy or needs, and analysis of people (or in this case the audience). Though I felt like I knew a lot of this information already here are some things that I found new and interesting about this chapter:

  • Content and Structure: People are motivated to listen through several different avenues- The book references dramas, statistics, surveys and polls, use of examples, testimonials, and endorsements.
  • Propaganda Techniques: When I think of the word propaganda it isn’t always positive but that is because people have unethically represented this word in the past.  But the word shouldn’t take such a negative connotation in the public relations field.
  •  Persuasive Speaking: Persuasive speaking is not one of my personal strong points so the book lists several persuasive techniques that it deems successful. So here they are: The yes-yes technique, offering structured choices, seeking partial commitment, and “ask for more, settle for less.” These sound interesting right?  If these topics interest you then defiantly check the book out. You can see the book here!



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