TOW: Week 2

January 23, 2010

What is a “public”? Which publics are you a member of? How did you choose to become a member of those publics?

A “public” is a group that people perceive to have an overall commonality. For example I am a member of the United States of America public, the Georgia Southern University public and the Kappa Delta public.  The public relations field is centered around appealing to certain “publics.” Even when “the general public” is mentioned on the news, that message is directed towards a certain “public.” For example let’s say a news crew announced, “the new Super Speeder Law affects the general public from January 1st on out.” This public would be for those individuals driving on highways in Georgia. Some publics you are automatically given membership to, while others you must follow their norms to become a member. For example Florida citizen can automatically become part of the “Super Speeder public” by simply driving on a Georgia highway. In contrast, I became a member of the Kappa Delta public by going through recruitment and following their norms to gain membership.  Publics can range on how members are chosen and individuals may not even realize that they are members of a certain public. I choose to become a member of Georgia Southern University, Kappa Delta but I was born into the public of the United States of America. I choose to become part of the Georgia Southern public because I loved the college atmosphere and wanted to have a college degree. I choose to be part of KD because those are the women that I saw myself calling sisters. My publics will change throughout my life as a move from one stage of my life to another.


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